Alto car modder turns police car into a motorcycle-themed ‘sauce truck’

A car modeller has created a new motorcycle-inspired car that he says is designed to be the perfect vehicle for “sauces and other high-tech things”.

Alto car designer Mark Dixson says he created his custom car in part to “tame a beast that had grown tired of being driven”.

The first thing he did was remove the front wheels from his 2010 Alto.

This left him with a bike that looked nothing like the standard Honda Civic.

Instead, DixSON made a conversion using the existing engine and suspension, a new fuel pump and air filters, a brand new suspension set-up, and a custom exhaust system.

The result is a vehicle that is extremely powerful but still incredibly sleek and elegant, and is also extremely safe and quiet.

The front end of the Alto is also fitted with a carbon-fibre front splitter.

The front of the car is also covered in carbon-ceramic brakes and an air intake system that’s been custom made to work with Dixsonian’s fork.

It’s a combination that’s designed to improve braking performance and reduce emissions.

The rear of the bike is fitted with aluminium-framed alloy wheels and an adjustable seat that is fitted to the seat tube.

There’s also an adjustable front fork that allows the rider to adjust the height of the rear wheels.

The interior of the ‘sausage truck’ is set up with a “slightly more modern” set of seats and seats that sit lower on the bike and offer a lot more legroom.

The main purpose of the customisation is to make it look “somewhat like a real motorcycle”, he says.

“It is a very simple conversion, and we hope to eventually have the bike available to the public.

The first model was just a very basic, basic motorcycle with the rear wheel removed, and the front wheel being removed.

This one is going to be a bit more sophisticated.”

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