Aussie car modifications company says it will not make the popular “sneaker car” model in the US

AUSTRALIAN car modifications magazine Car Modification Magazine is cancelling its popular “Sneaker Car” model and announcing it will focus on “low-tech” car modifications and low-end luxury cars.

In a statement, the magazine said it will no longer use the model name and that it had “no plans to sell it to other car magazines”.

“We’ve seen a lot of change in the last few years, and I think that a lot people are still not familiar with what car modification can really do,” Car Modifications Managing Director Peter Wilson said.

“We’re very excited to be working with Car Mod modifications, which is a brand new magazine for the 21st century, and the opportunity to showcase it to our readers.”

Mr Wilson said the magazine would be focusing on low-tech car modifications for cars with a low cost to maintain.

The magazine launched its new magazine last year.

It’s aimed at “car lovers and anyone who wants to have a look at what the industry is doing” and features reviews, tips and advice from industry experts.

“There are a lot more affordable cars out there now, so if you can get the car you want and don’t have a lot to lose, this is probably the place to go,” Mr Wilson said.

“It also offers tips on how to choose a new car.”

It’s a great way to find a car that is a little more affordable and a little better value, and it’s also a great place to look at a car for a little bit of fun,” Mr Ryan said.

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