Australian car company car modifications london to expand in Adelaide

Australia’s largest car company, Alto Car Modifications, has announced it will expand its Adelaide operation to build and operate a hydrogen car production facility in Sydney.

The announcement comes just two weeks after Alto launched its hydrogen car prototype at the Adelaide International Auto Show, where it beat competitors in the range of technologies used to build a hydrogen vehicle.

The Alto car company says the facility will be capable of producing a car every week with an annual capacity of 10,000 vehicles.

“We have been working on a hydrogen fuel cell car for more than a decade and this is a major step forward for the Alto family,” Alto CEO James Alcock said in a statement.

“This is a significant milestone for the company and the industry in general.

We will now be expanding our Sydney operations and building out the technology and engineering infrastructure needed to ensure that hydrogen can be a significant part of the future of the car industry.”

The Alta Car Modification is expected to produce more than 500 hydrogen fuel cells annually at its Adelaide factory, which will be built in partnership with the Adelaide Fuel Cell Partnership, which has an agreement to supply the Alta car and fuel cell vehicle supply chain.

Alta’s Melbourne operations, which are based in South Australia, have been expanding with an aim to increase capacity.

The company has also announced that it will introduce an electric car and hydrogen car for Sydney to meet growing demand for hydrogen in the city.

The Adelaide Fuel cell Partnership’s head of hydrogen technology and innovation John Stirling said the partnership’s commitment to supporting the city’s hydrogen infrastructure was a major part of their plan.

“Our partnership with Alto will be a key factor in helping our new partner achieve its ambitious plan to be the largest supplier of hydrogen cars in Australia,” Mr Stirling told The Advertiser.

“The Alcoo project is a great example of a community driven project that will make Adelaide an important hydrogen supplier for the region.”

Alto Car Mods has been a pioneer in the development of fuel cell cars and the company has built a large fleet of cars.

The Sydney facility will also produce hydrogen for the local economy and create a “green city” on a national scale, Mr Stilton said.