Car Hood modifications costing thousands to the taxpayer – car modification church

A car hood modification to an old car is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.

A car hood has been modified to make it look like the hood is made of an old, cracked sheet metal.

The cost is about $6,500 to fix.

The owner of a car hood removal business in Auckland, New Zealand, is trying to make a difference in his community by donating the parts for a car repair.

It’s a project that’s been going on for several years, but it took off in January when a friend asked for help in his bid to repair his old Mercedes-Benz, which he had bought for $8,500 in 2007.

It cost $6k to make the car hood.

“I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I’ve got about $8k in the bank,” said Joe Hines, who has been repairing the hood since 2012.

“But the problem is I’m just not making any money off it.”

We don’t even have the money for insurance, so what do I do?

“I know the owner who bought it had a lot of money, but we’re not getting any of it back.”

Mr Hines said the owner wanted to make sure his car was as good as new.

“They didn’t even put it into a car, they just left it sitting there for five years.”

And now, after five years, they’ve done something that’s not even worth $6K.

“Mr Viscount is donating the hoods he has been selling to people in need in Auckland and Wellington.”

If I have one car hood in a community, I want to make every car hood that person gets in that community as good, because the hood should be perfect,” he said.

The car hoods will be donated to the Christchurch Children’s Charity, and then the rest will be taken to the Auckland and New Zealand Housing Authority (ANZHMA).”

We’ve got quite a lot in the pipeline, so I’m really keen to get that going,” Mr Hines added.”

That will save the families money.

“The car owners can expect to pay around $6500 to make their cars hoods, and $700 for a custom job to make them look like new.