Check your car for a car modification before you buy or lease it!

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The California DMV has a special permit to repair or modify cars, trucks and buses.

In order to get one, you have to meet certain requirements and pay a fee.

Here’s how you can find out if you need a car repair or modification:Find out if your car is registered and insuredCalifornia Vehicle Safety Code (VSC) section 11302 requires you to obtain a car safety inspection report.

You can get one here:California Vehicle Code (CVC) section 6103 requires you and a registered agent to sign an agreement that outlines the inspection report and vehicle safety requirements.

You need to pay the fee and get a certified copy of the report at the DMV.

Find out what the report contains, which inspection reports are required, and what the car insurance company will pay if you fail to meet these requirements.

Get your car repaired or modified.

The DMV’s Repair Center has several repair locations in Los Angeles and Orange County.

In addition, many of the cars that have been repaired or upgraded require you to make an appointment at the repair facility.

The Repair Center’s repair services include the following:Fitting a new tire, replacing the brakes, removing or replacing the transmission, removing the suspension, replacing a missing wheel, installing a new air filter, installing new air conditioning, repairing a cracked or missing radiator, replacing tires or brakes, and fixing or replacing an electrical component.

California Vehicle Law states that: “The department shall, at all times, be within its legal authority to investigate and take action against violators and to prosecute violators who commit violations of this article.”

In California, you can file a complaint with the California Highway Patrol or the DMV if you think your car has been damaged.

You may also file a report with the DMV’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which is the agency that investigates complaints about motor vehicle safety.

To learn more about the California DMV, visit its website or call (888) 466-8500.

You also can follow the state’s updates on Twitter.