How to fix the car’s broken stereo (part 2)

A new car’s stereo has got to have a good pair of speakers to get the job done.

Thats why the latest generation of BMWs features stereo that is made to sound like a pair of stereo speakers.

But if youre not a fan of the sound of a pair, you can buy the same brand of speakers on eBay or at your local garage sale, and youre going to need a pair to get things working.

The problem is, the new stereo speakers have a very limited range, so if you want to use them for all the car has to offer, youll need a bigger speaker to fill that space.

That’s where car body modders come in.

With the latest BMWs, BMW also adds a pair or more of front speakers, a pair rear speakers, and a pair front speakers that can be mounted anywhere on the car.

To fix the problem, you need to find a pair for your car.

So how to do it?

First, you’re going to have to find the correct pair of speaker mounts for your vehicle.

You can do this by looking at the side of your car, looking down from the driver’s side, or by looking under the seats.

Youll have to make sure the speakers are not positioned so high or low that you will have to turn them around to listen to them.

In order to do this, you’ll need a special car mount.

BMW says you should use a stereo mount that has a center point of tension so that you dont need to move it.

Youll need to order one from a dealer, as BMW does not stock stereo mounts.

Once you have one, take it to a local car body shop and get the mounting hardware.

Next, you will need to mount the speaker mounts to the underside of the car, like this:This will make it so that the front speakers can be moved to the rear of the vehicle, while the rear speakers will stay in place.

The next step is to get a pair with the right speakers.

There are two basic types of car body mounts available.

The first type uses a spring that sits in the center of the mount, and the second type uses two small plastic pieces that sit in the middle of the mounting piece.

To get the right one, find a stereo mounted with the correct speaker position.

Next, you want the right spring, but the right size.

For this, find the spring you ordered and use the small piece to cut it into a small piece that is smaller than the other part.

Then take the smaller piece and cut it to the size you need.

Next you will want the mounting system.

To find the right mounting system, find one with the same mount position as the original one, but with a different mounting hole that is about the size of the center spring.

You’ll want the hole to fit snugly inside the mounting hole, so that it wont flex.

Once the hole is drilled, you are ready to install the new mount.

When you have the mounting screws, take the small plastic piece that came with the mounting mount and screw it to your car’s mounting bracket.

Next the car body mount.

If you have a stock stereo mount, you just need to remove the spring from the center part of the bracket, and remove the two pieces that hold the mounting screw to the car mounts.

Now you have two mounting pieces that fit snug inside the car mount, making it easier to mount.

Next remove the mounting pieces and replace them with the small pieces you just cut out.

Next you will install the front speaker mounts, which are a little trickier.

These are much smaller than you can get from a factory mount.

You will need the mount you just used to install your front speakers.

Take a small screwdriver and use it to remove one of the two plastic pieces holding the mounting bolt to the front of the rear mounting bracket that you just removed.

Now the bolt should pop out and slide right through the bracket and onto the mounting studs in the rear.

You should now have a new pair of mounting pieces, so youre ready to mount your speakers.

To mount the rear speaker, you now need to unscrew the mounting bracket from the car mounting plate.

It is now ready to be mounted to the back of the steering wheel.

Remove the front bumper from the side, and slide the bumper off of the side.

If its a set up car, the front part will slide out, while it sits in place on the side frame.

If its a manual transmission, the rear part will slip off, and fall out.

You will need a little bit of force to get it to come off.

Once the rear bumper is off, put the new mounting pieces on.

Now its time to install a new set of mounting screws.

You want to take out one of those little plastic pieces on the top of the screw and remove it with your small screw driver.

Next put the mounting brackets on top of each other, and