How to Get a Car That Will Actually Pass the Insurance Company

The American conservative claims that a car will “never” pass the insurance company for repair and insurance purposes.

The American conservative goes on to describe what the insurance industry will do if they know that a vehicle is not insured.

The article quotes a representative from a company that makes car suspensions.

The representative tells the American conservative that if the car suspension is faulty, then the company will “just put it into a service manual to repair it”. 

It’s interesting to note that the insurance companies will likely not have a problem finding a vehicle that will pass the service manual test.

It is unlikely that the car will ever have a service technician look at the car’s parts and see that it is not properly insured. 

Another insurance company representative tells The American Tory that they can repair the car if the vehicle is found to be in “excellent condition” but will not cover a service that takes it out of “exceptionally good” condition. 

The American Conservative concludes with the warning that if you do not believe that your car is insured, “don’t drive it”.

This article is a parody of the news articles that have appeared in the past, and was written in a satirical tone.