How to get rid of a ‘diamond-encrusted’ car door

The owner of a diamond-enriched door on the front of a car has told ABC News it could be a safety hazard.

The door on a 2014 BMW 5 Series, which is part of the BMW Group, is the first car door in the UK to be fitted with a diamond edge.

The BMW 5 series, with its distinctive diamond-shaped roof, is a popular car for BMW owners around the world.

It was featured in the hit film “The Dark Knight Rises” and is often seen on the streets of New York.

When the car was first fitted with the diamond edge, it was supposed to be a temporary solution to prevent the door from getting covered in scratches.

But it now has a reputation as a dangerous hazard, and has attracted the attention of experts, who have said it can be a security risk.

Car owners should not drive on the car if it is covered in diamond dust, a leading expert says.

‘Diamond dust is the most dangerous thing you can do to a car’ When asked by the ABC whether the door should be fitted, Mark Lacey, the managing director of the Vehicle Standards Agency, said the car door should not be driven on if it was covered in dust.

“You need to make sure that the dust is being wiped off before you put the door in,” he said.

He added that while the dust could be covered by a dust mask, it could not be cleaned out.

In the case of this BMW 5 line, Lacey said he had never heard of a safety risk with a car door being coated in diamond-engraved dust.

“If you have a car, if you’re going to drive it on, you need to be aware of the possibility that the door may get covered in it, and that it may be a potential security risk,” he told the ABC.

Mr Lacey was not sure whether the BMW 5 was in compliance with safety standards and therefore could not say whether the car should be removed.

Other cars that have received a diamond roof in recent years include the Audi A8, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Porsche Cayenne and BMW 7 Series.

However, Mr Lacey did say that if the BMW had been in compliance, the diamond would have been covered.

Diamonds have a history of safety hazards in the car industry, including the “diamond dust” incident on a BMW 4 Series in 2017.

There was also the 2010 explosion that killed the driver of a Jeep Cherokee in Arizona.

ABC car and parts editor Andrew Collins was at the scene and witnessed the incident, which he said was the worst car accident in the US since the Great Depression.

“It was just like, wow, it looked like somebody had dropped a bucket of dynamite, it blew the roof off the Jeep,” he explained.

“[The driver] got hit by a truck, and the next thing I knew, they had a truck coming and he was in the ditch and that’s when they got the fire department there and put him out.”

Mr Collins said he was shocked to see the car in the same condition it had been the day before.

“I thought it was pretty good and not that bad, but it was definitely in pretty bad shape,” he noted.

With a report from AAP