How to install a car dashboard modification

The BBC has been told the new dash is one of the most significant features in a brand new 2017 Holden Commodore.

The car is the first Holden model to be fitted with a sunroofer, which has been fitted to more than 50% of its cars.

Holden’s engineers were particularly keen to include a sunvisor as it offers an added level of security.

It also features a full-color colour scheme, which was also chosen to provide a more distinctive look.

The dash has been installed with the sunroosters mounted on top of the car’s bodywork, making it look more like a traditional car interior.

The new dash has also been designed with the passenger side facing up and the driver’s side facing down.

This means the driver will now be able to see his/her surroundings and can be more easily seen by the other occupants.

The dashboard is equipped with a colour screen, which is an interactive touch screen that can be used to control various functions of the system, including audio controls, parking lights, and even a sunshade.

The screen will also allow the driver to control the weather conditions and turn on and off the engine.

The sunrooster, as the name implies, is installed at the front of the dash, giving the driver a unique view of the surrounding environment.

The Sunrooster is also equipped with an integrated GPS, so the car can be kept in the knowledge that its position is always known.

The nav system will also now be integrated into the dash.

A new driver seat has also also been fitted.

This is the same seat used on the new 2017 Commodore, which features a foldable seat.

It is now available with the optional leather-wrapped armrest, and has been standard on all 2017 models since the car first rolled off the production line.