How to remove a car’s roof

A New York car modification shop owner says the owner who took his vehicle to a shop in Connecticut to have his roof removed is not being paid for his work.

The owner, David DeCesare, said the owner of a shop that has been working on a roof removal business called him last month and asked if he wanted to work on the roof.

DeCescare said he did not want to work with someone who was not his son, and he also said he would be paying for the work.

When the owner asked for money, DeCresare said, “you are asking me to give you my business?”

“No, I don’t,” the owner replied.

“I don’t want to pay you anything, so how do you get my money?”

DeCascare said the customer said he wanted $2,500 for his services.

DeCescares son works for the shop, and when DeCespare asked for a list of his clients, he said he was asked to provide a list and not his own name.

DeCsabre said he could not get the owner’s name and address, so he went to the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, which said he should send a letter to the department and obtain a payment for his own work.

DeCsabre was not paid for the roof removal, but the owner told DeCscares that the owner wanted to send the money to DeCsabre’s son.

De Cescares says he will try to get the department to pay for the removal, which he says was a simple matter of paperwork.

He said he is still in shock over the situation.

DeCostas has filed a lawsuit against the owner, which was filed in state Superior Court.

He has also sued the owner and the Connecticut Department of Revenue and Taxation.