The BMW X5 M3 Modular Car

BMW has just released the X5 car, a modular BMW M3 coupe that’s got a bunch of fun features, including a removable roof rack, an optional heated front seat, a folding roof, and a rear cargo bed.

The X5 is also compatible with a variety of optional systems, including Bluetooth wireless charging, and even a solar roof.

The car is priced at $71,100, so it’s definitely a pretty decent deal.

The interior is a bit of a departure from BMW’s M3, and it has a full-length dash that sits above the roof.

That makes it look like a roof rack rather than an actual roof.

As for the interior, it has all sorts of neat touches, including an LCD touchscreen, dual-zone climate control, and three USB ports.

You can also customize the interior with a different grille color, a different seatback height, and maybe even a different interior color.

It’s not the prettiest interior, but it’s not bad either.

Check out the video above to see the X1 M3 M3 Convertible.

We don’t know if the X6 M3 convertible will be available in 2018, but if it is, it’s likely to be the X3 version of the convertible.

It’ll be available with an aluminum alloy body, an aluminum bodykit, and leather seats, but we’re not sure if the wheels will be as thick as the X4 M3.

The new X5 and X6 models will be on sale in the US beginning in September.