Trump blasts ‘racist’ woman who made ‘offensive’ tweet about Trump

President Donald Trump blasted a woman who claimed to be a victim of sexual assault and called her “racist.”

In a tweet Monday, Trump wrote: “This woman has no respect for my President or his office, or his supporters.”

“She was a victim, and she has no business being in this office,” Trump said.

“The women are making it up.

They’re the victims, and you can’t tell them to go away.

That’s the problem.”

Trump’s remarks came days after he accused former President Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting women and accused his wife, Hillary Clinton, of lying about her health and being untrustworthy.

Trump has also been criticized for suggesting a reporter should be fired for asking a question during a campaign rally, calling him a “fool” and saying he would have won the popular vote had he not lost to Clinton.

Trump was not available for comment Tuesday.