‘We’re not afraid to go to war’ for car modification magazine

CARMOD magazine has seen the biggest rise in its readership in two decades, driven by a boom in the sale of new vehicles in the US. 

A staggering 1.7 million cars have been sold to customers over the past two years, up from 855,000 the previous year, according to CarMod. 

Its new magazine, launched in 2016, has become the biggest seller in the world for car modifications and accessories.

It has an estimated circulation of more than 1 million. 

But despite this success, CarMod is not immune to controversy.

It’s been accused of promoting “sexism” and misogyny and even being “anti-woman”. 

But editor-in-chief John MacNaughton says the magazine is not anti-women and does not want to discriminate against women. 

“We are a publication that stands for diversity in the car industry, and for equal opportunities for women,” he said. 

CarMod is owned by the Ford Group, which has been criticized for its treatment of women in the workplace. 

MacNaughon said he was “delighted” to have so many readership, adding that the magazine has “always been about cars and people”.

“CarMod has always been about car people,” he told the CBC News Network. 

 “The people who make these cars, these are the people who are most influential in what we do.” 

The magazine also has a diverse membership of men and women.

The magazine has a strong focus on sporty vehicles.

“We have a lot of guys who are into sporty cars and a lot more women,” said MacNahan.

“We have all kinds of different things in our car showroom.”

And he says it’s important to keep the car modifications community united.

He said it’s “always about diversity” and says that CarMod’s focus on cars is not to cater to just women.

“The more diverse you are the better,” he explained.

CarMod’s editors will meet with the editor of the US magazine Car and Driver next week to discuss issues surrounding gender and the automotive industry.

But MacNaghton says he is confident CarMod will remain a diverse publication.

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